Class Descriptions

YogaVista Studio classA note on Class Levels… Like most studios, we offer the majority of our classes at “all levels”. We make sure that the instructors give attention to correction and alignment while offering different levels of poses for all the students that are attending their class. The studio and most classes have an over all foundation in Vinyasa Flow.  However, each teacher brings variance in his or her instruction and technique.  In some classes you may find less flow and more holding the poses, deepening the muscle work. In other classes you may find one breath per movement with continuous flow. We encourage clients to try as many instructors as possible to find what feels right for their body and mind.


Flow & Restore yoga classes combine passive and active poses with pranayama breathing and meditation resulting in deep, integrated and satisfying practice. This class takes the normal Vinyasa Flow class and adds in some great restorative asanas. This class ensures a great workout and gives the body time to unwind!


An energizing vinyasa flow that awaken your breath, build core strength and lift your spirit. Your entire body will break into a smile that will linger all day. A great way to kick off your day.

Power Flow:

This class will help you develop deeper asanas within class using a collective of mind, body, and breath. You will find that the movement will be at a slightly faster pace than the Vinyasa Flow encouraging one breather per movement. This will quickly build strength and heat through out your body.


This yoga class is designed for expecting women at any stage/level of pregnancy.  This unique combination of movement, breath work and meditation prepares the body and mind for the different stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery. These techniques will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and your baby. Please consult your physician or midwife prior to class participation.


Vinyasa Flow links movement to breath through a dynamic sequence of poses that moves energy throughout the body, builds cleansing heat, and relaxes and focuses the mind.


The wall is your prop in this Iyengar Inspired class.  This class introduces specific sequencing and alignment that builds on yoga fundamentals to build strength and a deeper experience in each pose.  Less flow and more time in each asana gives beginners and more experienced practitioners an opportunity to fine tune each movement and align mind, body and spirit.


Targeting the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and spine, Yin Yoga postures are held longer to provide deeper opening, many classes include meditation. This is a wonderful way to give your body the stretching it deserves. No prior fitness or yoga experience needed to enjoy this class (great for beginners). Helping loosen the mind and body, this class is perfect for unwinding your day!