Photo of Heather Archer
Heather Archer

Heather Archer is a native Californian; growing up in Manhattan Beach she was always active as a child. Not only keeping busy with activities like dance, volleyball and swimming, Heather also enjoyed her monthly family surf trips. Camping up and down the coast of California she found herself most comfortable in these natural settings, just going with the flow. Her parents encouraged her to be a free spirited child and explore her imagination and spirituality. After graduating college she pursued a creative career in the fashion industry. She thrived in this industry for a successful 4 years. In 2006 she found herself yearning to get back to her roots. She was in need of an outlet from her fast pace life, that’s when a friend suggested yoga. After practicing consistently for a year, Heather had found her flow. She realized she had a strong personal passion for yoga, and the desire to share this passion with others as well. After experiencing, the positive physical, mental, and spiritual effects of her practice, it was clear that her path would lead her to becoming a teacher. The gift of light and self awareness, that her teachers have shared, is the most vital aspect of her yoga journey, and the most cherished. In 2007 Heather became a certified yoga instructor through the Mukti Teacher Training Program with Julie Rader. She has been teaching all levels of Vinyasa Flow classes locally for the past two years. The practice of yoga transformed Heather’s life and allowed her to achieve her goals of balance, strength, and tranquility. She continues to expand her practice through advanced yoga studies and her private yoga practice. In her classes, Heather encourages the potential for healing and growth (physically, mentally, and spiritually). The practice of Asanas not only supports increased mental, spiritual, and emotional peace, but physical strength as well. These are qualities which we can all use in our day to day lives. Heathers goal is to help lead her students down their path of personal growth, strength and understanding.

Photo of Linda Baffa
Linda Baffa

Linda began practicing yoga in 1997 as part of her drama training at New York University ‘s Tisch School of the Arts. From here, it was love at first down dog. Not only was she fascinated that one could move their body in such a beautiful, open, and healing way, she was also instantly hooked on the mental release yoga provided and the invaluable power of living in the present moment. She has since explored all different schools of yoga throughout NYC and Los Angeles, however most of her teaching inspiration comes from Julie Rader (Mukti Yoga), Sherry Brourman (Yoga Therapy), Jennifer Webster (Anusara Yoga), and Jo Tastula (Vinyasa Flow Yoga). Through the Yoga Alliance, Linda has earned over 500 certified training hours from Julie Radar and Sherry Brourman. She teaches a vinyasa flow style that is challenging yet gentle, balanced yet freeing, and safe yet playful. Linda is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and enjoys connecting the beauty of music with the beauty of yoga.

Photo of Keary Ann Bixby
Keary Ann Bixby

Keary Ann Bixby, owner and founder of two Los Angeles based health and wellness businesses, Playa Pilates and Yoga Vista, has been involved in health and fitness since high school. Very athletic throughout her youth Keary’s love of conditioning the body followed her to Los Angeles where in 2004 she began her path as a Pilates instructor. She completed Retrofit Pilates Rx teacher training course in 2004 and became certified through Pilates Method Alliance 2008. She has also completed a 50hr Therapeutics module, a 50hr Chakra module, and a100hr Graduate Module with Julie Rader through Mukti Yoga School to enhance her knowledge of ancient texts, philosophy, mythology, and strategies for living a yogic lifestyle.

Her entrepreneurial spirit found her opening her Pilates studio, Playa Pilates, in 2004 and eventually a Yoga studio, Yoga Vista, in 2010. Keary always combines her passion for business and wellness while running her two companies and sharing her knowledge in classes, workshops and events throughout the year. Some of her leadership and community involvement activities includes “Power in the Park” Yoga for Charity, The Mirman School for Gifted Children’s “Women in Math and Science”, LMU’s Race for Success, and Otis Art College’s Annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show.

Keary’s enthusiasm for a balanced workout, movement, breath, and love for her surrounding community is exhibited in her own classes as well as throughout her studios!

Photo of Hannah Dawe
Hannah Dawe

Hannah Claire Dawe was raised in Laguna Beach, California where she began her dance training at age five. She discovered her love for movement and pursued dance and soccer through high school. In 2012 she completed the renowned 200 hour teacher training program at Yogaworks and is thrilled to be sharing her passion as both a private and group instructor throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Hannah graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University’s School of Communication and Fine Arts bachelor of fine arts degree in dance and will be continuing her studies at LMU as part of the commencing class pursuing a Masters degree in Yoga Studies.

Photo of Lauren Eckstrom
Lauren Eckstrom

Lauren Eckstrom is a yoga teacher based in Santa Monica, California. With background and training in Vinyasa based Power Yoga, her classes combine creative sequencing and flows with a focus on safe, sound alignment. Lauren also caters toward students rehabbing from injuries so her breadth of teaching includes advanced yogis, brand new practitioners, and yogis dealing with a therapeutic approach to the practice. She specializes in Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Pranayama and Meditation. She believes that the practice of yoga holds a unique meaning for each practitioner. For Lauren, yoga is a time to reconnect with the Source that lies within each of us. Yoga is a time for moving prayer, dancing meditation, and the cultivation of love – love for the world and love for the self. When we come to the mat together in community we find refuge, we facilitate change, and we have the power to support each other on the confronting path of discovery. Together you will move through a yoga flow aimed at your individual needs with a committed focus on the breath in the hopes of taking you deeper into your personal journey of transformation with grace and strength.

Photo of Kendra French
Kendra French

Born and Raised on the beaches of Southern California, Kendra was raised as an athlete. In High School, yoga was introduced into her life not only to prevent injuries but to improve performance in other sports. She continued into college as an athlete and began her path towards Athletic Training and Physical Therapy. An injury brought her back into a regular yoga practice where her mind, body, and spirit were transformed. Immediately Kendra jumped into pursuing a passion of not only teaching yoga, but guiding people to healthy happier lives.

Photo of Wendy J. Garafalo
Wendy J. Garafalo

Wendy is a yoga instructor based in Los Angeles.  Shehas studied dance and movement for over 20 years.  She grew up in her mother’s dance studio and developed a love for physical movement at a young age.  After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her love for dance, she found yoga, and was instantly hooked.  Her classes have a way of engaging the mind, body and spirit in a way that is grounding, healing and inspiring.  She has been practicing for eleven years and has her yoga certification from Mukti Yoga School under Julie Rader.  She also leads teacher trainings for Mukti Yoga School.  She is very passionate about her teaching and has continued her  trainings with Seane Corn, Maty Ezraty and Annie Carpenter.  Her classes are vinyasa flow based with a major focus on alignment. She also teaches Yoga for beginners, Yin, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga.  Constantly craving more, she increases her knowledge of yoga thru workshops, trainings and life in general, and is so happy to share all that she learns with you.

Photo of Alex Jaffe
Alex Jaffe

Born and raised in Manhattan Beach amongst a very loving, athletic and spiritual family , Alex spent most of her life dancing and choreographing, playing volleyball, excelling in track and field, and working with children. During her career in modeling and hair styling she was drawn to yoga as a spiritual and athletic form of exercise.

After almost 2 years of fully immersing herself in a deep yoga practice, she learned that the healing capabilities of all the combined aspects of yoga had saved her life, literally. Ariella had subsequently been diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. The Doctor then explained that her symptoms would have been exponentially worse had yoga not become so prevalent in her life. After the tumor was successfully removed, it was clear as day to Alex that her career path needed a shift! It was undeniable that she should come back to her first love of health and helping people feel their best in their own bodies.

Alex lived at an ashram for 32 days where she lived the yogic life while being closely trained by traditional Indian yogi masters. She has found her true center of healing, health, and serenity through yoga and loves having the ability to share the gifts of yoga with all.

Photo of Steve Jones
Steve Jones

Born and raised in England, Steve started traveling at an early age, arriving in Los Angeles over fifteen years ago. His journey into Yoga began with an extended stay at a Buddhist Temple in northern Thailand studying Vipassana meditation. After returning to LA he literally stumbled upon Bryan Kest Power Yoga and his journey continued from there. Wanting to deepen his practice he decided to go to India where he spent a year studying the many layers of yoga before heading back to Thailand to begin teaching. His classes are intended to be strong, challenging, calm and gentle all at the same time, with focus on alignment and connecting with the breath to help find meditation in motion.

Photo of Kristy Kelsey
Kristy Kelsey

Kristy was born and raised in Hermosa Beach and is a true “beach girl” at heart. She fell in love with yoga in high school and hasn’t stopped practicing since! In 2009, she decided to deepen her practice by completing her 200-hour teacher training through Mukti Yoga, under Julie Rader. Kristy continues her education with emphases in Vinyasa flow, Therapeutics, and a month long training in Bali focusing on Chakras and Tantric/Kriya. With the beach being an inherent and life-long inspiration for Kristy, she loves to teach a playful flowing class with fun and motivational music.

Photo of Lauren Leilani
Lauren Leilani

Lauren discovered yoga in 2006 upon returning to Scottsdale, AZ from a fantasy life studying abroad in Florence, Italy for her junior year of college.  Full of cultural experiences and knowledge of what the world has to offer beyond a college campus but no one to share them with, she turned to yoga.  Between immersing herself in a spiritual and mental practice that helped settle her busy mind and expressing herself physically through an intense flow, the yoga studio quickly became her safe haven. She quickly knew that she wanted to share her love for yoga for those around her.

Lauren completed her 200 hour Teacher Training Program with Dave Oliver at his Astanga studio in Scottsdale.  In December 2013, Lauren attended Maty Ezrati’s 100 hour teacher training, “The Heart of a Teacher” and to continue her education she attends workshops regularly.  She teaches alignment based classes that are physically challenging yet allow each student to grow at their own pace.  A variety of arm balances, inversions and core work are always incorporated into each class and she has a very encouraging demeanor.  Lauren connects with her students by learning about their goals as a practitioner and understanding any limitations in their bodies. Yoga is a never ending practice just as life is a never ending lesson.  Finding balance, patience, flexibility and strength goes beyond the physical practice and into your everyday life.  She wants everyone to have fun, explore the possibilities on the mat and enjoy each and every yoga experience!

Photo of Priscilla Leite
Priscilla Leite

With charisma and humor, Pri offers a nourishing and safe environment to
dig hard into your physical practice and challenge your mental and
spiritual boundaries. Focusing on cultivating balance, she is known for
her creative sequencing, building strength and flexibility and offering
an opportunity for all students to be challenged at different levels.
Born and raised by a loving family in small-town Brazil, Pri has since
traveled extensively around the globe: having lived in London, São
Paulo, and now Los Angeles – so if you ask her where she’s from, she’ll
say she’s a “world citizen.” Additionally, she is YA certified with over
700 hours of combined teacher training from schools in Santa Monica and
in Rishikesh, India. Pri believes in living from the heart and that we
all learn better while having fun! You can find her bilingual online
yoga classes at

Photo of Chelsea Welch
Chelsea Welch

Finding yoga for Chelsea Welch, was like finding a key to the lock on her heart. After one class, she knew this practice was for her. Six years later, living on the island of Hawaii, she’s found a way to blend all of earths elements into a beautifully fluid class full of pranayama, asana, mantra, and meditation. Chelsea completed her 500 hour training, through Julie Rader’s Mukti School of Yoga, and continues to fill her yogic cup through various training and workshops. High spirited, playful and passionate, she offers an invitation into the heart, the spirit, and into your true inner strength.